I have found the program to have great value in helping her tune out surrounding/background nose. She’s better than me now.

D. Guerin - TX

I liked the TSI program because I could see the wheels working in her thinking as she listened to the music. It has provided good “exercise” in focusing her attention.

J. Brustman - VA

C. has improved a LOT. Teachers are saying he is on task and focusing through distractions in the room. One teacher told me she wanted to clone him. I never used to hear such positive remarks.

S. Whitten - TX

P. began the TSI program about 2 months ago. It was a little stop and start at the beginning, but we eventually had her listening pretty consistently. In the past month we have seen some nice shifts in P. She has started responding to questions more – and when she is asked a question, we can now see she stops and thinks about what is being asked. Previously, she might not respond, answer with the last thing you said, or with something that wasn’t related. She seems to be more fully processing the information that is spoken to her. P. has also moved into being a four in her auditory processing. We’ve been working toward this for some time – but we definitely saw the shift after she started the TSI program.

L. Hogan - CO

My son now responds the first time I call him, and he is more aware of his surroundings. He is using more sentences, responding to questions, and in general talking so much more.

J. Little - AZ

She is less sensitive to sounds. She can handle a noisy room better and is not so upset when in a loud place.

T. Bryan - CA

(Daughter previously hummed frequently in order to block out outside sound.) The improvement we notice is a big decrease in humming…she tolerates the background sounds better! She is able to carry on [a task] even if she gets distracted by outside/inside noises. That’s huge for us!

A. Gancarz - OH

I just got a letter from the school praising my daughter’s improvement in attention and staying on task. I have to attribute her improvement to the TSI: Focused Attention program!

J. Woolstenhume - UT