The music of TSI: Boost has been filtered to boost, or enhance, the frequencies of sound that correspond to speech and language. This range is approximately 750 Hz. to 4,000 Hz. In North American English all of our speech sounds fall into this range. Therefore being able to attend to and process this sound range is important for auditory attention to language and for language processing.
TSI: Boost CDs fall into two categories: passive and active.


TSI: Boost may be appropriate for individuals with:

  • auditory processing disorder
  • Down syndrome
  • autism
  • developmental delay
  • language processing problems
  • speech/language delay or impairment

Passive CDs

The purpose of these CDs is to serve as pleasant, unintrusive background music to enhance your sound environment, filter distracting sounds, and allow you to be entrenched in the frequencies most significant for auditory processing. The goal is to improve your attention to language and your tonal processing for the sounds of language.

Passive Boost CDs are intended to be used over speakers as background music throughout the day. Musical content is all instrumental and taken from film scores, therefore very conducive to being played as a nice backdrop. Over speakers these CDs can be listened to for extended periods of time. Additional listening with headphones is fine, although a shorter duration is recommended when used in this way.

Active CDs

The purpose of these CDs is for listening over headphones to increase attention to the speech and improve auditory tonal processing for this range.

CDs contain a 30-second intensity track (Track #1) that you can listen to at the start of each session to increase alertness and attention. Then choose one other track on the CD to listen to attentively. Musical content is familiar classical pieces, varying in length from approximately 5 to 8 minutes. One or two sessions per day will help to increase auditory attention. For maximal benefit we recommend using interactive listening/active listening techniques (PDF) in conjunction with listening.

TSI: Boost CDs can easily be used in conjunction with other sound therapy programs, such as TSI: Focused Attention or The Listening Program.

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